CEES Seminar: The possible Foreign and Security Policy consequences of Brexit, a view from Central Europe

The possible foreign and security policy consequences
of Brexit for the EU, a view from Central Europe
on CFSP, Brexit and EU

Dr. Károly Grúber Head of Department for Common Foreign and Security Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Associate Professor Széchenyi István University

CEES Seminar: Tuesday, 7th March,
4pm St Andrews Building Room 234

2016 saw major political events such as Brexit and Trump’s electoral victory which may have fundamental impact on the EU’s developing security environment. The seminar, while it will not comment on specifics of the institutional and internal political aspects of Brexit in the EU and the UK, will address some questions about possible future ways in which the EU’s foreign and security policy may develop in terms of the implementation of the EU’s recently adopted Global Strategy. It will also seek to provide an overview of the situation as viewed from the capitals of the Central European EU member states, highlighting challenges and possible opportunities for the region and wider EU common foreign and security policy.

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