Postgraduate taught degrees

The University of Glasgow is leading the field in the research of international issues pertaining to security and warfare.  With a Chair in Global Security and extensive external links to private and public security organisations, Glasgow has created an exciting and dynamic network of academic staff and students from multi –discipline backgrounds.

The University of Glasgow offers one year full-time Masters Programmes in

  • Battlefield & Conflict Archaeology Battlefields, both ancient and modern, have come to be accepted as important elements of the world’s cultural heritage, and this programme provides an ideal grounding if you are interested in the archaeological potential of these fields of conflict
  • Computer Forensics and E-Discovery Sophisticated computer crimes put a globally networked society at risk.  The increasing impact of technological crime highlights the need for highly competent computer forensic analysts.  The Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Forensics & E-Discovery confronts this problem through a blend of computer and legal expertise.
  • Global Security The traditional military threats which defined global security matters for the best part of the 20th century have been quickly replaced by new and re-emerging security challenges.  The Masters programmes in Global Security offer you the opportunity to examine many of these contemporary threats, and the strategic actions and policy developments designed to deal with them.
  • Human Rights & International Politics The MSc in Human Rights & International Politics offers a thorough academic analysis of one of the most salient and pressing issues in the contemporary world: the place of individual human rights in a system of international relations in which states’ rights have traditionally been paramount.
  • War Studies An understanding of war, for good or ill, is of vital importance.  This Masters programme presents a unique opportunity to study war in all its aspects, from past to present, from causes to consequences
  • Physics: Global securityThe Masters in Physics: Global Security provides an understanding of the principles and methods of modern physics – with particular emphasis on their application to interdisciplinary challenges in the area of global security – at a level appropriate for a professional physicist.